VeChain: What It Is, How It Works, Examples, and History

Its initial target was to disrupt the supply chain industry by making data actionable and transparent. It also plans to be a leader in dApps and initial coin offerings (ICOs) made using VeChain as well as being an Internet of Things (IoT) intermediary. Consensus is the process by which a blockchain network agrees on the validity of a transaction or block. In a blockchain network, transactions are grouped together in blocks, and these blocks are linked together in a blockchain. Consensus is needed to ensure that all participants in the network agree on the current state of the blockchain.

When you transact with VeChain, you’ll need a wallet with enough currency to cover transaction costs. Over the last year, transactions ranged in cost from about 25 cents to around $7. As with any cryptocurrency, it’s essential to keep your VET in a secure wallet safe from hackers and others who may try to separate you from your currency.

As part of the rebrand, the VEN blockchain became the VeChainThor (VET) blockchain. In another example, the VeChain platform can enable automobile owners to own their data and use it to negotiate better terms and policies with their insurance companies. VeChain states that its goal is “to build a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem platform to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high-speed value transfers. Another community member, eisenreich shared more news about VeChain partnerships. Sustainability is more than a futureproof business model, it also includes consideration for the environmental impact. The rewards are limited while supplies last and the crypto offered per quiz may vary.

  1. The chain is secured by masternodes which passed “know-your-customer\business” authorization.
  2. Any user can run an Economic Node for voting rights and occasional rewards from the VeChain foundation.
  3. Of the two tokens from the VeChainThor blockchain, VeChain is the larger, more influential digital token.
  4. There is Waltonchain which itself is an Ethereum token, so on that platform the transactions and actual tracking are separate.

At the very end of 2021, VeChain news reported a new strategic partnership with Schneider Electric. Like in other open-source (and partially open-source) blockchain platforms, developers submit improvement proposals for review and implementation. With VeUSD, the first USD-pegged stablecoin on VeChain Thor, the scope of use cases is set to expand into decentralized finance.

VeChain is different from other supply chain blockchain platforms in that it utilizes cryptocurrencies. Instead of one coin, VeChain Thor uses two different native tokens, VET and VTHO. Holding VET generates VTHO, a gas token which is used for paying the transaction fees. Separating main and gas tokens helps to keep transaction fees resistant to volatility. The unique consensus mechanism that VeChainThor uses is called Proof-of-Authority (PoA), which is a spin on Proof-of-Stake. The chain is secured by masternodes which passed “know-your-customer\business” authorization.

How to exchange VET?

Unlike other businesses, like centralized exchanges, which relied on cryptocurrencies, that got banned there, VeChain’s position is pretty secure. In fact, they are working with the local government of Inner Mongolia, as previously mentioned. However, as all Authority Masternodes have their identities and reputations at stake, they are all held accountable and are incentivised to work in the best interest for the networks growth and security. Authorithy Masternode’s also earn rewards for producing blocks, which further incentivises them to act in good faith and to the benefit of the VechainThor blockchain. VechainThor is the layer 1 blockchain which powers the vechain ecosystem. Per VeChain’s white paper, the two-token system was devised for effective governance and to have a predictable economic model for decentralized applications developers.

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In both of these industries, it may be critical to know if a product is safely sourced and stored through various owners and facilities. VeChain is also useful for anti-counterfeiting, digital vehicle passports, or any open financial transaction. Of the two tokens from the VeChainThor blockchain, VeChain is the larger, more influential digital token.

This layer includes all protocols and infrastructure built on top of VeChainThor. There are APIs and developer kits available for those who want to develop VeChain-compatible wallets or employ smart contracts. Most of the apps that can use the VeChain platform rely on this layer for functionality. Its main applications are in supply chain management, as well as in the Internet of Things. Goals for the VeChain blockchain platform are outlined in its white paper.

The VeChainThor blockchain can serve as home to a variety of applications. To track supply chains, VeChain is used by Walmart China, Bayer and local goods from Ongnuid Banner, Inner Mongolia, China. Consumers can scan codes to get data on the source and authenticity of the product. For example, Jur Platform uses VeChain blockchain in arbitrage and issues JUR tokens with the help of VET. And, of course, as is often the case with many blockchains today, there are non-fungible tokens. For VeChain users, the World of V platform offers exclusive art deals and drops.

As of this writing, the market capitalization of VeChain is $8.3 billion, making it the 23rd largest cryptocurrency. VeThor has a $358 million market cap and ranks as the 169th largest digital currency. The application of sensors means that all parameters related to the product can be constantly monitored and problems, if any, can be communicated back to the relevant stakeholders. Manufacturers and customers are informed if a drug packet is stored outside a prescribed temperature range, allowing for service improvements and better quality control.

What Is VeChain and VeChainThor? A Beginner’s Guide

Exchanges with VeChain support include Binance,, and Bitfinex, among many others. If you want to buy and own VeChain, you have several options for exchanges and wallets. As a top-25 cryptocurrency, VeChain is widely supported and easy to buy installing the classic jupyter notebook interface jupyter documentation through many major cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to the official VeChain wallet, you can store your VeChain in a hardware wallet like Ledger. The VeChain whitepaper offers potential use cases in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Lim How Wei is the founder of, with 8+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing and 4+ years of experience as an active investor in stocks and cryptocurrencies. He has researched, tested, and written thousands of articles ranging from social media platforms to messaging apps. Those white label program cryptocurrency trading with a strong reputation may be elected as validators by other network participants. This is similar to proof-of-stake coins, where those with the largest stake in the network choose validators. Instead, it runs on a proof-of-authority where the largest participants act as network validators.

The unique supply chain focus could make VeChain an interesting part of your cryptocurrency strategy. Keep reading to learn more about how VeChain works, the special features it offers, and whether investing in VeChain could make sense for your cryptocurrency portfolio. These do not produce blocks or ledger records and are used as a check on power. This is done by allocating a certain number of votes to each economic master node based on their VET holdings. Anonymous nodes are not allowed, and disclosure of identity is an essential pre-requisite to becoming an authority master node. According to VeChain’s white paper, this system uses less power and does not require a minimum number of validators to reach consensus.

VechainThor is packed with technical features that are tailor made to meet the needs of individuals and enterprises. Since it went live, the time when the genesis block was mined, in June 2018, the blockchain has been 100% online with zero downtime. VechainThor is an extremely fast and efficient blockchain, producing blocks, on average, every 10 seconds and all the while only consuming a fraction of the energy other blockchains require to complete the same task. In fact, vechain’s energy consumption is equal to just 0.04% of other blockchains.

About the vechain blockchain

For example, the VET blockchain allows Proof of Work (PoW) to be conducted for every transaction. This means that the people conducting a transaction how to add usd to binance can mine more VTHO if their initial estimate was wrong. VeChain transitioned onto its own blockchain and rebranded itself in 2018.

They run when predetermined conditions are met, and can automate workflow, triggering the next necessary action when the conditions are met. Using the smart contract features of VeChain, users can track ownership and control of any number of goods. For example, an electronics manufacturer can track the process of products to distribution using VeChain. The highly regulated marijuana industry, for example, could use VeChain to track seeds, plants, sellable products, and sales for end-to-end compliance requirements. The VeChainThor blockchain uses Proof of Authority as a consensus protocol. Per this protocol, votes are disbursed based on VET holdings and disclosure.

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